Saturday, February 13, 2010

I wrote a love story!

I haven't written many stories in my life and never really bothered to try to publish them. I have short stories, book-length stories, a memoir, and a love story (from a woman's pointof view)! I decided to post them on my website for people who like to read.

As I said above, I wrote a love story and I have posted it as a Valentine gift to my friends and anyone else who wants to read it. If you are interested, go to the book section of my website (Click on the words "love story" in the blurb.)

I hope you enjoy the story, especially those of you who are stuck in the house, unable to move because of the load of snow in Pittsburgh and the Northeast. Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you find love, recognize it and cherish it.


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  2. 你的部落格感覺很棒,nice job!........................................

  3. I'm up to the kiss after the soccer match and loving it. :)