Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are you interested in Software Architecture?

Do you know anyone who is? If so, give them this message:

iCarnegie Delivers its Certificate Program in Software Architecture Design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, June 24–26, July 15–17

Matt Bass, a faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Software Engineering Program, will offer a certificate program on Software Architecture Design to be held at Carnegie Mellon’s Pittsburgh campus in two sessions, the first from June 24th to June 26th and the second from July 15th to July 17th.

The Software Architecture certificate program is intended for practicing software architects, aspiring software architects, software developers, software engineers, programmers, and project managers.

The course teaches attendees how to use a structured approach to create a system that supports business goals. In that regard it focuses on systemic properties such as scalability, reliability, security, and modifiability that traditional approaches often miss.

"This course benefits both the individual attendee as well as the organizations that they work for. From an individual perspective the curriculum provides both the skills and credentials needed to be recognized as a Software Architecture Professional. From an organizational perspective it provides a means for understanding how technical tradeoffs impact the business goals." Bass said. "This is something that organizations typically have a hard time doing, these tradeoffs are often made without explicitly considering the business impact until it is too late, resulting in systems that are brittle, unstable, lack desired properties such as performance or throughput, and are difficult to evolve or maintain."

Specific topics addressed in the course include:

* How to identify architectural drivers from a business context
* How to approach projects for eliciting a prioritized set of architectural drivers that reflect the business context
* How to specify architectural drivers in a way that is unambiguous and testable
* How to select appropriate architectural tactics and patterns
* How to employ a structured design process for realizing an architecture
* How to create a framework for planning architectural activities
* How to evaluate Architecture
* How to document software architectures
* How to identify for software product lines

The program is strictly limited to 40 people. All attendees are expected to be familiar with modern software engineering concepts and have participated in the development of medium to large scale software development. Discounts are available for early registrants, as well as iCarnegie and Carnegie Mellon University alumni. Those interested in registering for the six session course should register online at or contact iCarnegie at 412-622-2150.