Friday, April 10, 2009

Take this quiz; learn what people are saying.

A Little Word Quiz

Match the numbers to the letters below. See what America is saying.

1. They were called “little Eichmanns” by Colorado professor, Ward Churchill.
2. They use this ad slogan, “We’re offering our own stimulus package.”
3. This person used “look” 26 times in a one hour span.
4. This person said, “You know,” 235 times in 41 minutes.
5. Discount sales fell “off the map” when Barack Obama said these words.
6. Barack Obama used this word and sales started to pick up.
7. This term identifies 65% of the population who want to “maintain their existing content experiences.”
8. This phrase is typically only understood by people over 50.
9. This phrase has nothing to do with prostitution.
10. This spelling error exists on the Orient Express take out menu.

Match the letters to the numbers above. See how current you are.

A. Massive passives
B. Hope
C. “Beef w. Lobstger sauce over rice”
D. A hard row to hoe
E. "The economy has weakened"
F. Caroline Kennedy
G. Barack Obama
H. Trojan condoms
I. 911 victims
J. On the flip side

Got those all right? Now that you know the new ad slogan for Trojan's condoms (2-H) see if you can match this sentence to its owner: "Fork The Recession!"

A. Julia Child
B. George Bush
C. Eat N Park Restaurants
D. Jerry Seinfeld
E. Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA)

A report in Media Post News calls "Fork The Recession" "decidely edgy" because "tough times call for direct messages." The campaign is funded with $170,000 in integrated media (a mere pittance) and will urge Colorado residents to feed the economic recovery by feeding themselves. You got it! The answer is "E", the CRA.

And, when Barack Obama speaks optimistically, the economy improves (6-G), even if he says "look" too often (3-G), while his supporter (and erstwhile US Senator from New York, Caroline) can't stop from saying "you know" (4-F). Speaking of Barack, we urge him to stop dissing the economy (6-E) because we all know we have a tough road to hoe (those of us over 50 know that has nothing to do with prostitution (9-D) because we've lived on the flip side (9-J).

Oh, and Ward Churchill, the professor from the University of Colorado who sued that institution when it dismissed him after he called the 911 victims "little Eichmanns" just got his job back after the court ruled in his favor (1-I).

So, there you have it - the language being used in America today. Interesting, isn't it?!

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