Monday, October 5, 2009

Check out my new website!

I gave myself a birthday present this weekend, a new website!

Of course, I had the help of two very able people, Ellen Park, a former student and designer who recently returned to her home in South Korea, and Bob Taylor, a talented young man who works at Heinz College. The photos were taken by Ken Andreyo, a CMU photographer, and Andy Wasser of CMU made that possible.

So, what will I do with my new website? I was hoping you could tell me! I will be doing one thing for sure - placing some of my writing on the site. I have written several novels, a memoir, a book of short stories, and at least two books about job hunting and using marketing techniques to find a job.

I will be giving my books away! They been sitting in Word documents for too long and I'm not interested in fame or fortune. I hope that I can entertain someone or help another person become more successful at finding a job. And, hey, now I can say I'm published. I'll use that for my next CMU faculty re-appointment proposal.

In any event, this website and this blog and my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts have taught me a great lesson over the last few years. I have learned that everything I knew about marketing promotion could change right underneath my feet. Nearly all the techniques I learned in the practice of marketing and PR over a 25 year career have given way to this new form, empowered by this machine I now type on. I certainly can't say that I have mastered it...yet. But, it has challenged me at very turn and I have enjoyed the challenge and been thankful for it.

Imagine a work life where everything stays the same! I can't. I didn't imagine this computer driven life and have certainly been slower than most to adopt it but here I am; I have my own website! I hope you like it and connect your friends to it, if only to read the free books to be published thereon. And, I will appreciate any suggestions you have to improve the site! Thank you!


  1. Looks good Ed. Will you still be keeping up this blog as well? I still subscribe to it and forward on the articles I think will help the rest of my team at work. The lessons that I've learned both in your class and through this blog definitely helped me in my writing at work.

    I currently publish a monthly newsletter to about 3,000 mobile phone users at my company and it has been so successful that management has made this format a "best practice" and wants other teams to follow what my team did. Also this quarter my team will publish a new publication that will go out to about 11,000 remote workers.

    Thanks for taking the time to provide writing tips to us, they really do help and are much appreciated!

  2. You bet I will, Nick! And what wonderful news about your writing! May I quote you on the website under "Testimonials"?

  3. Hi Ed, Great site! I love how the photographer has captured you and your teaching energy! Ellen has done a wonderful job too. Good luck, keep up the great blog entries...we all learn something new with every post— and now we have a website to learn from as well. Thanks, Dennis