Thursday, January 15, 2009

Write with Passion

Yet another letter of apology.... Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone head, says, "I am both saddened and outraged to have to tell you that the SEC has brought a civil complaint...against Ramesh Chakrapani...charging him with passing inside information...." And, yet again, we see a message composed with anguish, passion and personality.

Listen as Schwarzman expresses the firm's shock. Listen as he talks about the firm's reputation and its ethics. Listen to a passionate man struggling to protect and/or re-claim the reputation of his company. Look at the word choice, the sentence structure. Learn from this!

Executives need to apply this passion and personality (voice) to all of their writing, not just their apologies. Too often business writing contains dull and empty phrases, jargon, and business buzz words. It is lifeless and meaningless. It inspires no one.

We are emotional human beings. We respond well to emotional language. Use it!

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